The HELIMOD has been a flagship product of Ryan Aerospace offering a low-cost helicopter simulation control platform that is modular and re-configurable meaning that users can add a variety of instrument panel modules, visuals, aircraft-specific cyclics and collectives etc.

Main Base Unit

The Main Unit (pictured below) comprises the main platform, flight controls (cyclic, collective and anti-torque pedals) and seat.
Ryan Aerospace HELIMOD
Improved electronics

We have integrated far superior electronics to give much more precise control movement with very little 'noise' or interference. Wiring harnesses and connection systems have also been improved. The USB Motherboard is '12 bit' and designed to give the maximum amount of resolution (around 4000 steps) per axis. The motherboard integrates seamlessly with any simulation software you choose as all axes, switches and buttons can be mapped to the software in just minutes.

Electronically adjustable pedals

Whilst we have included an adjustable seat, we have now added electronically adjustable pedals (via a rocker switch under the pilot’s seat). This means that virtually any sized pilot can fit comfortably into the system. Pushing the rocker switch up or down will electronically move the pedals forward or aft using a high quality, high strength electric actuator. In addition to this, the pedals are dampened by a high quality adjustable hydraulic dampener to give a realistic and smooth 'feel'.
More stylish design

The HELIMOD Mark II is far more stylish as it has been redesigned from the ground up. Made from precision, laser cut and powder coated aluminum and steel plate, every aspect of the design has been designed and built with purpose. 

More robust

This unit is extremely robust making the unit even more deployable than before - even in the harshest of environments. Ryan Aerospace has not taken any shortcuts in the design and manufacture of this machine with many of the parts over-engineered to ensure a long life-span, even under rough conditions. 

Cyclic with enhanced force trim release function 

Feedback from real helicopter pilots around the world confirm that the realistic 'feel' in the cyclic controls of Ryan Aerospace products make it like no other in its class. Part of this is brought about largely by the force trim release function developed by Ryan Aerospace which is standard in most of our machines. The force trim function allows the pilot to trim the aircraft and reduce pilot workload. This system has been enhanced further in the Mark II version as it is more precise, more rugged and has upgraded electronics.
The cyclic is professionally shaped, welded and finished with a black powder coat finish. The HELIMOD Mark II comes with a standard cyclic grip similar to that shown in the image above (with trigger, hat switch, functional force trim release button and other push button switches.

Improved collective system

Improved collective system with high quality hydraulic dampening as well as a functional collective friction control which can be adjusted by the pilot via a knob just under the front of the pilot's seat. This gives a very smooth and realistic 'feel'. The unit comes with a standard collective lever but we can easily attach a more realistic collective (with fully functional buttons as switches) as an option. The standard collective has no throttle.
Small footprint

Whilst the HELIMOD Mark II is designed as a 1:1 scale replica of a real helicopter cockpit, the unit takes up only a very small footprint as there is no cockpit enclosure. (Although cockpit enclosures can be added if required.) The Main Base Unit with collective control is approximately 1100mm (43 inches) long and 600mm (24 inches) wide. The whole unit (Main Base Unit, collective and seat) weighs only around 60kg (130lbs).

Works with virtually any simulation software

Ryan Aerospace has always been keen to remain 'software agnostic' as users have very different needs and sometimes one software platform is going to be more suitable than another. Existing customers use products such as VBS2/3, Presagis HeliSIM, X-Plane, Digital Combat Simulators (DCS) and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D to name just a few.

Range of visual systems available

Here is the HELIMOD Mark II with a five LCD screen system offering approximately 180 degrees of lateral field of view (FOV). The avionics suite to the left was produced by Precision Flight Controls (PFC)
Here's this machine in action:
Below you can see the HELIMOD Mark II on a simple D-Box motion platform as shown recently at Eurosatory in Paris. This platform is great for introducing vibration cues. In this case, we're running Presagis' software - HeliSim, Stage and Vega Prime.
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